Active Body Peaceful Mind

Well Being

Take some time to experience true relaxation.  We design well-being retreats in some of the world’s most luxurious and Innovative Spas, such as La Réserve-Ramatuelle or Les Sources de Caudalie… Combining luxury accomodations and world-class treatments, we also add local excursions and the best retaurants to round out your holiday.

For Couples

We specialize in well being retreats for busy couples:  relax at the spa or with a poolside massage while we take your husband out on a grueling bike ride.  If your idea of a perfect holiday isn’t quite the same as your partner’s…we specialize in making everyone happy.  We design some ideal activities for each every day, always bringing you back together for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Just tell us what he likes to do, what you like to do, and we’ll ensure you have the best vacation of your life.  If you want to get serious about well-being, and want to attend a 2-6 day program of body care, we can design a program both you and he will love.

Try a 3-6 day Vinotérapie at the Sources de Caudalies and leave with a firm body cleansed by the power of the vine while we take your husband out to experience the vineyards of Bordeaux

Yoga & Meditation

You can request yoga classes on every Halcyon Tour.  We have specialized retreats in the FOCUS Series, but we can also add Yoga or Meditation to any tour, since we choose our hotels based on their design and ability to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Why Yoga with Halcyon?

I’ve taken hundreds of classes in more than a dozen styles of Yoga, in five countries.  I’ve personally taught both Ashtanga and Yin Yoga, in Europe and India, and have a consistent personal practice. I craft Yoga Tours with great care, because I truly believe in sharing my experiences, and the great teachers I have had along the way.

Stéphane Gallet – C.E.O. Halcyon Tours