Active Body Peaceful Mind

Halcyon’s Focus Series are vacations designed around a PASSION rather than a destination.  We design intensive learning experiences, for busy people who want the best use of every minute of their free time.  Learn something new, or delve deeper into it, with a Focus Series Tour.  As with all Halcyon Tours, the planning and attention to detail is superb: we take care of everything so you can focus on learning what you love.  Passion is the new way to travel.  Halcyon Focus Series tours are:

1. Intensive:  We design each Focus Tour with a goal in mind: and we get you there.  If you have a passion, a hobby, an interest, take a Focus Tour and step it up a notch.  We design learning vacations for people who expect a lot of themselves, and a lot from us.

2. Fun:  because it’s still a vacation.  If you’re choosing to spend what little free time you have to dedicate to your passion, there not reason it also shouldn’t be the best vacation of your life.  That’s why each Focus Tour is held in a spendid location, where you can relax, enjoy your life, and learn outside of class.  Feel like a walking tour of Florence between two cooking classes?  We’ve got it planned!

3. Exclusive:  Groups are small, so the teaching can be effective, intimate and fun.  You’ll be spending a week getting to know a few other people who share the same passions.  Depending on the activity, groups range from 6 to 10 people.

FOCUS SERIES TOURS have fixed dates and guaranteed departures

What's your passion?

Culinary Tours

...because tastebuds are the ultimate traveler companion. On Focus Series Culinary Tours, we get real busy in the kitchen. Our teachers are local, and it's just a fun way to interact and spend some time getting to know local culture and other passionate cooks travelling with you. Learn the secrets to great Macarons in France, or how to make your own pasta from scratch in Italy. We go to the markets to get the freshest ingredients, and build a complete repertoire of local recipes. We also learn base techniques, knife skills, everthing you need to become efficient and take more pleasure in the kitchen.

Cycling Tours

Cycing is simply the best way to discover a country. Walking is slow, and cars isolate you from the surroundings...cycling is the perfect speed. Take it all in, stop if you want to, chat and ride at the same time, cycling is freedom. Halcyon designs cycling tours for everyone: cycling is the mode of transportation, and many other activities pepper the day. We tailor each bike to your needs --Road, Hybrid, e-bike-- so that everyone in the group has a perfect ride, regarless of fitness level and skill. For dedicated Cyclists looking to just ride, we design more challenging routes, often on epic and historic cycling roads.

Yoga & Meditation

Does your mind need a rest? Are you looking for something rejuvenating? We design tours to create happiness, not just in the form of lasting memories, but also new experiences and methods to lead happier healthier lives. Come on a Halcyon tour, we have both general mind-expanding tours for those with a slight interest in the matter, as well as more advanced retreats for those who already have a practice. Pick a Tour of Self-discovery.


We currently have 6 tours in France specializing in Wine: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Loire, Cotes-du-Rhone, & Provence. Learn by tasting and feeling the wines in their natural habitat: the cellars where they are produced and aged. We walk through the vines, discuss techniques & history with local winemakers, then taste, and taste, and taste again. We have daily discussions, always around a good bottle, engaging every day in a different facet of the region and techniques. The wines are presented inteligently, each tasting has a goal in mind, so that you may gain an experts knowledge in just a few days. For wine lovers interested in shortcutting years of expensive self discovery...a Halcyon Tour is an ideal vacation.


For artists looking to spark their creativity, Halcyon designs Art Tours. Like to paint, but feeling stuck in the same pattern? Like to draw but wished you drew better? Like to sing, but wish you knew your voice better? We design intensive programs to suit your needs, always looking for the maximum cost efficiency: one-to-one classes are expensive and slow...we design art retreats for motivated learners.