Active Body Peaceful Mind

Halcyon’s Discover Series are vacations to discover the world.  Pick a destination, we’ve explored every detail, and we take you to see the best.  Designed for busy people, who want the best in life and have no time to waste on mediocrity, we take you to the essence in style: Halcyon Style.  Luxurious accomodations, the most in-vogue restaurants,  local interaction…get to know a place without any of the research work: let us do all the planning and preparation.  Halcyon Discover Series tours are:

1. Local: we don’t go very far, because we want you to relax.  We design our tours around a culture, a locale, and we only have a few days to explore the best spots…why spend your time in transport?

2. Physically active every day…we always have cycling or walking planned…because explorers are active people.  The intensity is your choice, we’ll design every day for your preferences, but our expertise is active discovery:  if you’d rather be in a car or bus, we can recommend other tour companies.  If your group has mobility restrictions, or health issues, check with us how to better tailor the tour.  We always have a support vehicle, and activities are always your choice: if you prefer to relax  or go-off on your own, our guides will accomodate that.

3. Built on memorable experiences:  we think checking off cities and monuments you’ve seen is a ridiculous way to travel: pushed by travel guidebooks and transport professionals trying to get you moving around as much as possible.  It’s a waste of your time and money.  Can you see Europe in 2 weeks? France in 4 days? What’s the point of your trip: to tell your friends you’ve been somewhere by spending half your day moving from A to B, or to gain a life experience?  How about enjoying yourself?  We like to walk around and feel a new place, we like to sit in a square and talk to locals, we LOVE to get you interacting: we build vacations so you can feel at home in a new place, and within a few days know it like someone who has been there a thousand times.  We design your vacations around sunsets, faces, and moments you’ll remember forever.

DISCOVER SERIES TOURS are custom designed for you

Some activities we do on tour

Cooking Classes...

...because tastebuds are the ultimate traveler companion. Bring home the memories: we hold small cooking classes where you'll learn to make local specialties, and bring the recipes back with you. It's great fun when you're there, and you don't have to be a cook to enjoy them. Our teachers are local, and it's just another fun way to interact and spend some time getting to know the culture. Learn to make Boeuf Bourguignon and Gougères in Burgundy, Lemon Tart in Mallorca, Paella in Spain...every place has a local dish you'll love. Our Focus Series also has great cooking tours designed specially for cooks and gourmands, where cooking is the central theme.


Cycing is simply the best way to discover a country. Outside, active, cycling is the perfect speed. Take it all in, stop if you want to, chat and ride at the same time, cycling is freedom. Halcyon designs cycling tours for everyone: cycling is the mode of transportation, and many other activities pepper the day. We tailor each bike to your needs --Road, Hybrid, e-bike-- so that everyone in the group has a perfect ride, regarless of fitness level and skill. For dedicated Cyclists looking to just ride, we design tours where cycling is the main event, with more challenging routes, often on epic and historic cycling roads.

Yoga & Meditation

Does your mind need a rest? Are you looking for something rejuvenating? We design tours to create happiness, not just in the form of lasting memories, but also new experiences and methods to lead happier healthier lives. Come on a Halcyon tour, we have both general mind-expanding tours for those with a slight interest in the matter, as well as more advanced retreats for those who already have a practice. Pick a Tour of Self-discovery.

Walking City Tours

Because european cities are made for walking...We always visit cities with a local, who can take us to his favorite spots.


for when the road ends...we lace up our boots and head uphill. Hike up from the valley floor of Chamonix to the Brévent, and you'll have the most beautiful view of the Mont Blanc. The flat hike on top of the route des crètes has a gorgeous vie of Cassis. We hike to places you simply cannot get to any other way, and most importantly, places you will never forget.


It's fun to read about great wines, great cheeses, great truffles...but it's even more fun to taste them. On a Halcyon Tour we learn by tasting...and we taste the best on earth. Can you describe the difference between a Belon and a Flat Oyster, two of the most reveered and prised Oysters on earth? Come to Brittany with Halcyon, and taste the difference. On a Discovery Series we taste the best of the region you've picked, from Truffles of Provence or Piedmonte, to the Wines of Burgundy and Champagne. Our Focus Series have tours designed to enlighten and amaze the gourmets among us.

Request a Discover Series Tailor Made Tour

Pick a destination, we'll do everything else. Just let us know who you'll be travelling with, when you plan to go, we'll design every detail just for you. After a short meeting to discuss your needs and likes, we'll craft a custom tour.