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Yoga & Meditation

For Beginners with an Interest

Our introductory Yoga Retreats are designed to get you up and started as a Yogi — which means it’s a very personal experience.  We start with a bit of the history and theory, then delve into the main types of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation Techniques.  It’s a general overview of what’s out there, mainly for you to find your style and define your needs.  There are so many terms, so many types, so many opinions out there, that many people try out a few classes with a teacher who only knows one aspect of Yoga, and desist because it’s not for them.  We think Yoga should adapt to you, and that you just need to get in touch with yourself, both body and mind, to find out what’s good for you.

For Yogis

For Yogis with a personal practice who’d like to get out of their confort zone, we design focused training sessions with renowned teachers, in the world’s most perfect and serene places.

Why Yoga with Halcyon?

I’ve taken hundreds of classes in more than a dozen styles of Yoga, in five countries.  I’ve personally taught both Ashtanga and Yin Yoga, in Europe and India, and have a consistent personal practice. I craft Yoga Tours with great care, because I truly believe in sharing my experiences, and the great teachers I have had along the way.

Stéphane Gallet – C.E.O. Halcyon Tours