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Cycling Tours  offer the opportunity to truly discover your dream destination.  We bike on small roads where few cars pass, and most of all we bike in cyclist-friendly destinations: France, Italy, Spain, Ireland…  Stop and take a picture.  Stop and smell the lavender.  If you’ve never been on a cycling tour, call us and we’ll explain everything.  If you’ve been on Cycling Tours with other companies, a quick glance at our tours will be enough to convince you: we offer the smallest group sizes, the best hotels and restaurants, and the utmost in service and flexibility.

For Everyone

Don’t bike much?  You do and she doesn’t?  Or vice-versa? We know what it’s like to cope with different abilities, and interest.  We take full advantage of e-bikes; which means those who are less into biking can fly up those hills and wait for the rest to come sweating up.  We keep everyone happy, because that’s what a vacation is about.  Mostly, we design tours so that you can discover a region being outside and active, so that you can bike and chat and be together.  Join a tour with a few select people — our group sizes are so small you’ll know everyone by the first day — or ask us to design a Private tour with just friends or family.

Our support vehicle is always close-by, complete with towels, refreshments, and snacks.

Our support vehicle is always close-by, complete with towels, refreshments, and snacks.

Specifically For Cyclists

For weekend riders, dedicated riders, tri-athletes, or the fit and competitive; we design the ultimate cycling experience.  Do you want to ride with a group of friends? Do you want to ride a stage of the Tour in France?  Have you been dreaming of tackling Alpes-d’Huez or the Tourmalet?  We provide baggage-transport from Hotel to Hotel, Sports-Massage service after the ride, refuling and hydration during the rides, technical coaching by ex and current european pros, and the latest gear.  We film and shoot your efforts so you’ll have lasting memories of your accomplishments to share back home.  Most of all, we do all the work so you can concentrate on just cycling.  Come on a Halcyon Tour, it’s a Pro-Cyclist experience, in the most beautiful places on earth.


We offer the latest gear, as well as the latest in techology.

We offer the latest gear, as well as the latest in techology.

We tailor the equipement to your needs.  Request, and we will make it happen.  From the latest composite race rocket to Hybrids with extra-cushiony seats, we’ll do anything to get you cycling.  We love having some e-bikes on tour, because they keep the whole group happy and together, no one waiting, no one embarassed.  Bring your pedals and shoes if you’re used to clipping in, we always provide helmets and handlebar bags.  If you’d rather bring your own bike on tour, we’ll mount it and tune it for you on site, and then take it all apart again at the end of the tour.

Is a Cycling Tour for me?

Halcyon Cycling Tours are no ordinary vacation: We always have two guides, groups are never more than 8 people, a support vehicle follows riders everywhere. Halcyon is not a group tour, it's a personalized tour. We are extremely flexible with our itineraries, because we want to see you happy, so our guides are always ready to go for an extra 50km or 1000m climb if you have the energy. If you'd rather stop and head for the spa, they will take you there. We offer Racing Bikes, Hybrids, and e-bikes: whatever makes you happy.
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Past Cycling Tours


Prepare to be amazed! Pedaling between impressive glacial valleys, rugged coastline or crystalline lakes. Housed in the family castles of Ireland's historic families, you'll find that luxury and class take on a whole new meaning. We'll even break all your preconceptions about the island's culinary traditions: Ireland is in a full upheaval over 0km food, and the chef's are battling to take advantage of their amazing ingredients! An all-around amazing experience, full of history, culture, and charm!


Andalusia is one of the world's living treasures. It's everything we think of when we think of Spain: Bulls, Flamenco, sun, and sangria... But it's so much more. Fiesta and siesta are both sacred. The Andaluz are proud people with a very distinct take on life, and it's well worth the trip to learn from them! The best time to ride is in the spring when the fields are green and the temperatures agreeable.

Loire Valley

Easy cycling along the vineyards of the valley, incredible historic Castles, award winning chefs...the Loire is a must-see place on earth and perfect for cycling! We'll stay in Castle hotels that are living testaments of the grandeur of the French Royalty: come and sleep like a king! It's a wonderfully romantic experience for couples, and fun for families, full of history and amazing sights!

Portugal – Alentejo

The classic Portugal Cycling Tour, Alentejo is a wonderful mix of tradition and modernity. We'll get to experience rustic home cooking as well as the latest innovations from acclaimed Chefs! We pedal through Evora, Alves, Vila Viciosa between vineyards and Almond trees. We'll visit the palaces and courtyards of Portugal's golden age, mixed with the charming colorful villages of today. It's a cycling trip through history and culture, filled with plenty of luxury treats and amazing service.


It seems everything has been thought through in Denmark! One of the world's highest quality of life, beautiful countryside, come discover a country where everything has its proper place. Denmark is a cycling paradise, filled with small country roads and complete respect for cyclists. At dinner time, a new generation of chefs will truly surprise you with modern Danish cuisine, and during the day there'll be plenty opportunity for Smørrebrød, Beer and Hygge! Between green fields and wild beaches, come discover Denmark with Halcyon!


It's the best known Wine region in France - but it's also famous for its food! Wandering on bucolic roads between streams and vineyards, we'll have plenty of opportunities to try local specialties. With the help of your oenophile guides, we'll visit local producers, and taste plenty of the fruits of their labor. For those only moderately into wine and food, the Bordeaux region has plenty of other beauties to appreciate, such as the landscape, culture, or history...

Past Cycling Experiences

Thanks for the wonderful vacation Stephane.  You kept your promises and made us all very happy.  I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your flexibility on tour, we felt like VIPs the entire time.  Thanks for entertaining the whole family, and making us feel at home.   See you in 2014.  From all the Limas.

The Limas – Provence 2013

Travelling with Stéphane in France was an unforgettable experience.  Everything went smoothly, and his attention to detail was fantastic.  We have never relaxed so much in a foreign country.  The Hotels were outstanding, and the restaurants impeccable.  I loved the cycling, he kept both me and Irene happy even though she rides very little, and we really gained a new appreciation for Burgundy Wines.  Overall a 10/10!

S. Bardeen – Burgundy 2013