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Where?  Puglia – Italy

From/To: Bari, Taranto, Brindisi, Lecce

Duration?  5 to 14 days

In Short:

Picturesque and authentic, Puglia is quickly becoming the ‘place to be’ in Italy. Italians have been coming for a long time for the crystal clear waters, limestone cliffs and fine white sand found on the Coast.  Get in on the secret!   Enjoy true relaxation in local farmhouses called Masserias turned  into 5-star resorts, and great slow food from local ingredients!  We’ll pedal among olive groves and vines, towards the most beautiful stretches of coast in Italy, and dare we say Europe


When to Go?

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Culinary Delights!

Why Go?

Tours can start at your hotel, train station or airport.  For helicopter transfers we can propose convenient helipads.  

The Coast

Puglia’s beaches are some of Italy’s finest!  The waters are crystal clear, and the beaches clean fine sand.  There are endless small coves and rock pools to enjoy your own private spot!  The sunset views from the cliffs are breathtaking, and we often enjoy a drink with the view before heading out to diner at a local Masseria.   All we can say is if you plan to be in Puglia:  bring a swimsuit!      

The Food

Local, fresh, Mediterranean fare!  Simple in technique, strong in taste!  You truly have to be there to experience the ingredients that are key to Puglia’s food.  There’s plenty of local seafood to complement the local varieties of Mediterranean staples, and quite a few good wines as well!

The Authenticity

Still true to their traditions and lifestyle, Puglia has yet to be included on the international tourism circuit.  It’s one place in Italy where you’ll indeed be among Italians!  Although Italians flock to the beaches of Puglia in August, it is still much less crowded than international travel destinations like Rome, Florence or Venice.

The Towns and Landscapes

For long a poor region of Italy, the landscape of Puglia has been shaped throughout history by farmers with a close relationship to the land.  We’ll pass endless olive groves, peppered with vines or even citrus.  The hillside towns, fortified labyrinths of terraced homes, are reminiscent of their Moorish past.  Man has adapted perfectly to its surroundings, and makes Puglia one of the most picturesque regions of Italy.




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