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Where?  Piedmont – Italy

From/To: Turin, Genoa, Milan

Duration?  5 to 14 days

In Short:

‘Undiscovered treasure’ is how most people qualify Piedmont after their first visit!  A region well known to Italians for its food, wine, history and beauty; few international travelers escape from Milan or Turin into the beautiful countryside of one of Italy’s grandest regions.  Come discover the vine-covered hills that exemplify the Italian passion for the land and its food!   We’ll discover the origins of slow food and the tumultuous history of the country.  A great wine is never far in this rustic but edgy land of contrasts!  


When to Go?

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Culinary Delights!

Why Go?

Tours can start at your hotel, train station or airport.  For helicopter transfers we can propose convenient helipads.  

The Landscapes

Nestled in the foothills of the Alps, Piedmont literally means ‘At the foot of the Mountains’.  The lowlands are rich agricultural alluvial plains.  The lower hills are covered with vine for some 59 recognized appellations, while the higher elevations are more reminiscent of the alps, intermittent glacial valleys and oak and pine forests.  The land has been inhabited for millennia, and is cared for by its inhabitants.

The Food

One of Italy’s best region for foodies!  Piedmont cuisine is known today as the home of the Slow-food movement…characterized by the use of local ingredients and age-old recipes.  In addition, Piedmont has very distinct seasons and crops, which fosters a whirlwind of creativity, forever inventing and re-inventing month by month as the weather progresses.  Each visit to Piedmont is a new voyage for your taste buds!

The Wine

The wines of Piedmont sparked revolutions! With 59 recognized appellations, and some coveted specialties such as Barolo and Barbaresco, Piedmont is as complex and interesting as Burgundy for wine lovers.  We’ll taste plenty of full bodied Barolos and lighter Barbarescos, but we’ll also discover passionate producers who are constantly trying new blends and varietals, bringing the latest techniques to their craft!

The History & Culture

For long its own country, then invaded and re-conquered multiple times since the 1400’s, Piedmont is central to western Europe and has had its fair share of power struggles!  It’s often had a powerful economy, a well as frequent if unstable bouts of political power on a European scale.  Italians are fond of their roots, and each village we pass has a story the locals are happy to teach us!


Piedmont's vine-covered hills


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