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Where?  Holland & Zeeland – Netherlands

Duration?  5 to 7 days

In Short:

The Netherlands is made for cycling!  With dedicated paths and a vibrant cycling culture, you’ll instantly feel right at home on two wheels.  We wander along canals, beaches and lakes of this lowland country, stopping frequently for Stroopwaffle and other delicious local specialties.  Full of history and a strong cultural identity, the Netherlands offer plenty of discovery and wonder!    


When to Go?

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Tours can start at your hotel, train station or airport.  For helicopter transfers we can propose convenient helipads.

Day 1: Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Gouda

After a quick transfer from Amsterdam to the Beach, we’ll pedal down the coast surrounded by sand dunes, all the way to the famous tulip gardens at the Kukenhof.  We’ll discover the vibrant city of Leiden, then enjoy lunch on a beautiful terrace in the center of town.  Our afternoon ride to Gouda winds through the agricultural center of Holland on tiny paved cycling paths and along flowery canals.  A picture-perfect day in Holland!  We’ll enjoy dinner in Gouda.

Day 2: Kinderdijk, Schoonhoven, Utrecht

For our second day we visit the quintessential Dutch sight – Windmills at Kinderdijk!  We’ll pedal along the water and take a few ferries to our waterside lunch in the silversmiths town of Schoonhoven.  Our afternoon ride is along tiny paths and canals, where we can really appreciate how well the Dutch care for their gardens!  After a post ride beer on a typical terrace in Utrecht, you’ll have some free time to wander the many cobbled streets for shopping or sightseeing.

Day 3: Rotterdam, Renesse, Oosterscheldekering, Middelburg

Today we leave Holland for Zeeland, a different province of the Netherlands long ruled by the sea.  We’ll head for Middelburg, for a long time the world’s center for shipping and boat building.  To get from island to island, we’ll pedal along one of the modern engineering marvels of the world, the Oosterscheldekering.

Day 4: Zeeland

Today’s ride will depend on the prevailing winds as we ride along the coast at mother nature’s mercy.  Independently of the ride, we’ll cycle along small roads and stop for lunch at beautiful beaches.  Zeeland‘s specialty is seafood, and there is plenty of fresh catch to go around!  At night we can enjoy a stroll through Middelburg‘s ancient town center.

Day 5: Breskens, Sluis, Damme, Bruges

On our last day of cycling we leave Zeeland for Belgium, but not before enjoying a beautiful morning ride along the coast.  After a stroll through the vibrant little town of Sluis shopping for local specialties, we head down the Damme Canal straight to Bruges.  There is no place in Europe with a more romantic and scenic town center!

Day 6: Onward Travel

All good things must come to an end. Let us know what plans you have for onward travel, we can certainly recommend more to do in Belgium, or maybe onward to France or the UK?
End of the tour: We can say goodbye at your hotel, train station or airport.  Ask us about transfers to your nest destination.



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