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Halcyon Tours


A 1700km ride through Brazil
Benefiting the Observatorios do Brasil (OSB)
Bringing Transparency to democracy
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“There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick,

there is not a swindle, there is not a vice which does not live by secrecy.”

― Joseph Pulitzer
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A joint project

Transparency for Brasil, One city at a time

25 days, 25 events, 1 goal: Halcyon Tours aims to spread the word about the Observatórios do Brasil. This project aims to create at least 1 Observatório in each city we pass through, and hopefully many more than that!
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The Project


The Project



A 1700km (1000 miles) solo unsupported ride, from the nation’s current capital Brasilia, to Brazil’s prior capital, Rio de Janeiro, to spread information about the work of the OSB, how to start an Observatorio Social, and the role they play in Brazil’s future.

The ride is symbolic, in that the small actions of one person, can have repercussions far larger than one may originally envision.  The Observatorios do Brasil depend on the small actions of a few dedicated citizens, with immense repercussions for everyone else in the community.

It only takes one person to start an Observatory, and in the same way, we are hoping one solo rider can influence the creation of many.


The Cause


The Cause



The Observatorios do Brasil are independently run local associations which monitor the budgets and buying process of local government.  This oversight is a foundation and prerequisite for a functioning democracy, free from corruption.  Learn more at:


The Events


The Events



 In each city we pass through, we will be organizing an event to present information about the Observatorios to the local population.  Everyone is invited and welcome.  We will present the work of the OSB, results from experience, how to start an OSB in your local community, how to fund and maintain it, and the types of people and professional profiles most needed.

Events running from October 18th to November 11th 2017 


How you can Help


How you can Help


Spread the Word!

Connect through Facebook, email your friends, tell your family and co-workers. The aim of the OSB is to have a local Observatorio in each county of Brazil. If you live outside Brazil, it's just as important to rally the cause! The cause of transparency is valid for every nation! The OSB is a local partner of Transparency International.

Get involved locally!

Create an Observatory in your community. Go directly to the OSB website and fill out their request for information form.


Donate to the project fund, or directly to the OSB on their website. Donating through the project fund, if you heard about it through this initiative, can help the OSB more accurately account for the project’s effectiveness. In either case, all your donations go directly and entirely to the OSB.

Project Participants

Nayane Fiquer
Media Relations, Social Media

Journalist, and Social Media Guru

Stéphane Gallet
C.E.O. & Slow Cyclist

Always interested in new adventures!

Ana Luisa Silva Hamu
Marketing & VIP Client Relations

Help Spread the Word

By far the most help you can give, is to spread the word! Join the project's facebook page: Tweet about us, engage your friends, family, co-workers! This project is not just for Brazilians, this is a local effort which has global repercussions on transparency, and on the future of Demoracy as a system of government in developing nations.

Ride Logistics

Stéphane will be riding solo, unsupported, for approximately 25 days, for a total of 1700km, or 1000 miles. Due to the road conditions, he will be on a Mountain Bike, with only 2 small paniers on the back rack, carrying the minimum amount of weight. The ride, events, and logistics are entirely financed by Halcyon Tours.

Get in touch!

Would you like to help organize an event in one of the cities we pass through, or are you a member of the media(press, radio, tv, digital) interested in covering the project? Contact Nayane at for more info.
  • Day Date Start City End City km
    1 Wednesday October 18 Brasilia Formosa 90.0
    2 Thursday October 19 Formosa Cabeceiras 62.3
    3 Friday October 20 Cabeceiras Unai 76.1
    4 Saturday October 21 Unai Paracatu 105.0
    5 Sunday October 22 Paracatu Guarda Mor 78.4
    6 Monday October 23 Guarda Mor Lagamar 69.0
    7 Tuesday October 24 Lagamar Pato de Minas 84.0
    8 Wednesday October 25 Pato de Minas Carmo de Paranaiba 62.1
    9 Thursday October 26 Carmo de Paranaiba Tiros 53.2
    10 Friday October 27 Tiros Abaété 87.0
    11 Saturday October 28 Abaété Pompeu 56.0
    12 Sunday October 29 Pompeu Papagaios 42.3
    13 Monday October 30 Papagaios Para de Minas 60.8
    14 Tuesday October 31 Para de Minas Belo Horizonte 90.0
    15 Wednesday November 1 Belo Horizonte Itabirito 67.9
    16 Thursday November 2 Itabirito Ouro Preto 41.6
    17 Friday November 3 Ouro Preto Ponte Nova 79.8
    18 Saturday November 4 Ponte Nova Viçosa 47.0
    19 Sunday November 5 Viçosa Uba 64.9
    20 Monday November 6 Uba Leopoldina 75.0
    21 Tuesday November 7 Leopoldina Alem Paraiba 54.0
    22 Wednesday November 8 Alem Paraiba Nova Friburgo 72.7
    23 Thursday November 9 Nova Friburgo Teresopolis 76.8
    24 Friday November 10 Teresopolis Petropolis 54.1
    25 Saturday November 11 Petropolis Rio de Janeiro 68.4
    Total km 1718.4
    Total Miles 1010.8