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Andalusia is one of the world's living treasures. It's everything we think of when we think of Spain: Bulls, Flamenco, sun, and sangria... But it's so much more. Fiesta and siesta are both sacred. The Andaluz are proud people with a very distinct take on life, and it's well worth the trip to learn from them! The best time to ride is in the spring when the fields are green and the temperatures agreeable.


Perfect beaches? Check! But there's a lot more to Mallorca than crystal clear Mediterranean waters. Come experience the real Mallorca - far away from the busy tourist spots. We pedal on small rural roads, between olive and orange plantations, and stop at vineyards to taste the island's amazing whites! Mallorca is reaping with amazing landscape, small cycling roads and some of the best Chefs on the Med!

We organize trips in the following regions of Spain



History combined with beauty and a unique zest for life!


Mallorca is the go-to training ground for cyclists…but it also has amazing food, wine, and beaches.


The capital is still the cultural center of Spanish life, with beautiful mountains to boot!


Cosmopolitan Spain, with great art and lovely seaside ports.

Pais Vasco-Rioja-Navarra

A distinct culture, great wines, and great natural beauty!

Asturias & Galicia

A Celtic culture, a kingly past, incredible coastlines and breathtaking mountains!



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When to go?

Southern Spain is best from March to June to avoid the summer heat! Northern Spain is best in the summer from May to September. Mallorca has a longer season, from March to October, though August can be sometimes too warm to cycle in the afternoons.