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Portugal – Alentejo

The classic Portugal Cycling Tour, Alentejo is a wonderful mix of tradition and modernity. We'll get to experience rustic home cooking as well as the latest innovations from acclaimed Chefs! We pedal through Evora, Alves, Vila Viciosa between vineyards and Almond trees. We'll visit the palaces and courtyards of Portugal's golden age, mixed with the charming colorful villages of today. It's a cycling trip through history and culture, filled with plenty of luxury treats and amazing service.

Portugal – Algarve

Algarve is one of Portugal's most visited stretch of coast, and for good reason! Often crowded in summer because its picturesque beaches and wonderful food, the Algarve has plenty more to offer than meets the eye. We'll head inland to discover the old charm of Portugal; small villages filled with flowers and colors. We'll spend time at local markets, visit artists and taste the local wines. The rides are peaceful and picturesque, and for a well deserved rest the resort hotels are oases worth enjoying in their own right!

We organize trips in the following regions of Portugal



Sun drenched coast, charming villages, amazing cliffs and beaches


Classic authentic Portugal, Hearty Food, Great wines


Dividing the Norte and Centro regions, Great Wines




Amazing Hotels in Portugal

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When to go?

Generally Portugal is warm enough to cycle in from May to September. Southern regions such as the Algarve and Alentejo are very hot in July and August, but have a longer season from April to October.