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Wayanad – India

A exclusive Halcyon Tour, designed for cyclists looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Discover a completely new India, away from the tourist traps and multitudes: enter Wyanad, India’s hidden tropical gem. Cycle up the Doddabetta, southern India’s tallest peak , and down through lush tea and pepper plantations on peaceful perfect asphalt, all the way to the Kerala Coast.

Thailand Classic

On this tour through the central river valley from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, we visit almost all the major sights of historical, aesthetic and cultural importance of Thailand. From the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya kingdoms, to the modern mega-temples and structures devoted to Buddhism, there is no shortage of beauty in Thailand. We visit local artists and artisans, local families and chefs, for a deep connection to the culture and people. The hotels are magnificent, the food incredible, come experience the land of smiles Halcyon style!

Northern Thailand

Discover hidden Thailand! The Northern hills are the perfect place to relax! Both Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are fun and bustling, but small enough to discover on foot. This is a tour to simply ENJOY; from the endless massages, the amazing spas and delicate food, to the verdant and misty jungle just outside the city gates! This tour can be tailored from novice to pro-riders, as it can feature incredible HC climbs to the highest peak in Thailand! For those looking for a relaxed ride, we can choose flat terrain along lazy rivers.


Land of mountains and sea, Lebanon is a paradox of ingenuity! Both traditional and extremely open, an ancient culture now vibrantly modern, Lebanon has it all! The food is diverse and exuberant, almost as much as the nightlife! For cyclists, it is a paradise of sinuous hills. The nature and landscapes are pristine. Come experience Lebanon once, and you'll come back again and again!

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