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We are based in and mostly lead tours in Europe.  Our Yoga & Meditation retreats are in France, Thailand, Nepal, and India.  Our Ski Tours are in France, Switzerland and Italy.


We have designed tours for you to enjoy the BEST of each destination. Take a look through our tours, and contact us to set dates, or make any modifications


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Andalusia is one of the world's living treasures. It's everything we think of when we think of Spain: Bulls, Flamenco, sun, and sangria... But it's so much more. Fiesta and siesta are both sacred. The Andaluz are proud people with a very distinct take on life, and it's well worth the trip to learn from them! The best time to ride is in the spring when the fields are green and the temperatures agreeable.


It's the best known Wine region in France - but it's also famous for its food! Wandering on bucolic roads between streams and vineyards, we'll have plenty of opportunities to try local specialties. With the help of your oenophile guides, we'll visit local producers, and taste plenty of the fruits of their labor. For those only moderately into wine and food, the Bordeaux region has plenty of other beauties to appreciate, such as the landscape, culture, or history...


Take ancient Celtic Culture, mix with two parts of natural wonders, add a dash of modernity and a serious dose of tradition: enjoy Brittany Halcyon Style. Cycle along the pristine cliffs, beaches and endless miles of Brittany’s coast, away from the masses, a world apart from Paris and St. Tropez. Enjoy France’s best seafood, completely unspoiled nature, and the Breton’s warm hospitality and cool climate.


Burgundy is dedicated to its Terroir, and it always works to distill the best out of its ingredients! The Burgundian have a strong identity, and they keep their history alive through excellence! Come discover a culture of intense passions and ideas. Land of wine, Pinot Noir & Chardonnay, we visit vineyards and cellars every day: you'll end the tour with a Master in Wine! Our visits to the sacred sites of Burgundy are always fun, and we pedal among the vineyards on some of France's most beautiful roads!


Prepare to be amazed! Pedaling between impressive glacial valleys, rugged coastline or crystalline lakes. Housed in the family castles of Ireland's historic families, you'll find that luxury and class take on a whole new meaning. We'll even break all your preconceptions about the island's culinary traditions: Ireland is in a full upheaval over 0km food, and the chef's are battling to take advantage of their amazing ingredients! An all-around amazing experience, full of history, culture, and charm!


It seems everything has been thought through in Denmark! One of the world's highest quality of life, beautiful countryside, come discover a country where everything has its proper place. Denmark is a cycling paradise, filled with small country roads and complete respect for cyclists. At dinner time, a new generation of chefs will truly surprise you with modern Danish cuisine, and during the day there'll be plenty opportunity for Smørrebrød, Beer and Hygge! Between green fields and wild beaches, come discover Denmark with Halcyon!


The Netherlands is made for cycling! With dedicated paths and a vibrant cycling culture, you'll instantly feel right at home on two wheels. We wander along canals, beaches and lakes of this lowland country, stopping frequently for Stroopwaffle and other delicious local specialties. Full of history and a strong cultural identity, the Netherlands offer plenty of discovery and wonder!


Land of mountains and sea, Lebanon is a paradox of ingenuity! Both traditional and extremely open, an ancient culture now vibrantly modern, Lebanon has it all! The food is diverse and exuberant, almost as much as the nightlife! For cyclists, it is a paradise of sinuous hills. The nature and landscapes are pristine. Come experience Lebanon once, and you'll come back again and again!

Loire Valley

Easy cycling along the vineyards of the valley, incredible historic Castles, award winning chefs...the Loire is a must-see place on earth and perfect for cycling! We'll stay in Castle hotels that are living testaments of the grandeur of the French Royalty: come and sleep like a king! It's a wonderfully romantic experience for couples, and fun for families, full of history and amazing sights!


Perfect beaches? Check! But there's a lot more to Mallorca than crystal clear Mediterranean waters. Come experience the real Mallorca - far away from the busy tourist spots. We pedal on small rural roads, between olive and orange plantations, and stop at vineyards to taste the island's amazing whites! Mallorca is reaping with amazing landscape, small cycling roads and some of the best Chefs on the Med!

MTB Portes du Soleil

It's Europe largest ski station, and now also the world's largest Downhill MTB station! With 12 different stations all connected by 25 lifts, you'll never run out of trails to discover. Only 1h30 from Geneva's airport, choose from 600km of dedicaded MTB trails and the best Bike Parks in Europe! The villages have great gear stores and a great MTB pub vibe, the region is a quick flight away from London and very popular with the British. Portes du Soleil is a mountain biker's paradise!

Northern Thailand

Discover hidden Thailand! The Northern hills are the perfect place to relax! Both Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are fun and bustling, but small enough to discover on foot. This is a tour to simply ENJOY; from the endless massages, the amazing spas and delicate food, to the verdant and misty jungle just outside the city gates! This tour can be tailored from novice to pro-riders, as it can feature incredible HC climbs to the highest peak in Thailand! For those looking for a relaxed ride, we can choose flat terrain along lazy rivers.


'Undiscovered treasure' is how most people qualify Piedmont after their first visit! A region well known to Italians for its food, wine, history and beauty; few international travelers escape from Milan or Turin into the beautiful countryside of one of Italy's grandest regions. Come discover the vine-covered hills that exemplify the Italian passion for the land and its food! We'll discover the origins of slow food and the tumultuous history of Italy. A great wine is never far in this rustic but edgy land of contrasts!

Portugal – Alentejo

The classic Portugal Cycling Tour, Alentejo is a wonderful mix of tradition and modernity. We'll get to experience rustic home cooking as well as the latest innovations from acclaimed Chefs! We pedal through Evora, Alves, Vila Viciosa between vineyards and Almond trees. We'll visit the palaces and courtyards of Portugal's golden age, mixed with the charming colorful villages of today. It's a cycling trip through history and culture, filled with plenty of luxury treats and amazing service.

Portugal – Algarve

Algarve is one of Portugal's most visited stretch of coast, and for good reason! Often crowded in summer because its picturesque beaches and wonderful food, the Algarve has plenty more to offer than meets the eye. We'll head inland to discover the old charm of Portugal; small villages filled with flowers and colors. We'll spend time at local markets, visit artists and taste the local wines. The rides are peaceful and picturesque, and for a well deserved rest the resort hotels are oases worth enjoying in their own right!


Experience beautiful Provence like never before. Whether you've been here a dozen times or never before, you'll discover Provence for the first time: Halcyon style. We wander through the most picturesque roads, away from traffic and bustling tourist attractions, and recover the true essence of Provence, small quiet villages, beautiful nature, exclusive accommodations and incredible food. Halcyon’s Provence Cycling trip can be tailored for everyone’s fitness needs, from novice cyclist to pro.


Picturesque and authentic, Puglia is quickly becoming the 'place to be' in Italy. Italians have been coming for a long time for the crystal clear waters, limestone cliffs and fine white sand found on the Coast. Get in on the secret! Enjoy true relaxation in local farmhouses called Masserias turned into 5-star resorts, and great slow food from local ingredients! We'll pedal among olive groves and vines, towards the most beautiful stretches of coast in Italy, and dare we say Europe!

Thailand Classic

On this tour through the central river valley from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, we visit almost all the major sights of historical, aesthetic and cultural importance of Thailand. From the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya kingdoms, to the modern mega-temples and structures devoted to Buddhism, there is no shortage of beauty in Thailand. We visit local artists and artisans, local families and chefs, for a deep connection to the culture and people. The hotels are magnificent, the food incredible, come experience the land of smiles Halcyon style!


Tuscany is a very popular destination, and for good reason! Maybe it's the amazing hospitality, the Mediterranean cuisine, or maybe it's their wonderful wines! Tuscany is a true relaxing vacation: come and live la dolce vita! Come cycle with us past wineries and romantic villages, mingle with locals at every opportunity, and learn a little Italian!

Wayanad – India

A exclusive Halcyon Tour, designed for cyclists looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Discover a completely new India, away from the tourist traps and multitudes: enter Wyanad, India’s hidden tropical gem. Cycle up the Doddabetta, southern India’s tallest peak , and down through lush tea and pepper plantations on peaceful perfect asphalt, all the way to the Kerala Coast.