Active Body Peaceful Mind

What we do for you on a Halcyon Tour:

  • Use only the most beautiful sights and locations to base your trip
  • Reserve great restaurants with internationally recognised Chefs for dinners
  • Pick out the best and most in vogue street-food and local joints for lunch
  • Provide lots of fun interaction with locals – while keeping a guide available at all times
  • Handle your luggage, any transport, and take care of all gratuities for Hotels and Restaurants
  • Provide activites every day you can enjoy or op-out of:  cycling, hiking, yoga, city tours, tastings…

I only take you to places I’ve been before and hold in high esteem. I keep your safety in mind at all times.  I never take you anywhere that offers me commissions on what you spend. In short, I take care of you from the moment you land to the moment you take off: come experience the world with Halcyon.

Stéphane Gallet – C.E.O. Halcyon Tours


Halcyon Tours are exclusive to say the least. From tailor-made just for you, to groups of 8 people max...there's no better way to travel.

Safe & Secure

We'll take your booking by credit card through our secure and insured merchant system, or by wire transfer. We'll work with you directly or through your Travel Agent. We are fully insured for Limited Liability and Work Interruption should anything unforseen happen to us which could threaten your tour.


I organise your vacation with the same precision, timing, and care than I did as a Project Manager designing Instruments for scientific missions of the European Space Agency. Halcyon uses the latest in technology and business procedures, for optimum quality control and efficiency.