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About Me

Stéphane Gallet

I like the outdoors…which is hard to combine with a deskjob.

Career-wise I started out as an Aerospace Engineer in California, doing research at USC, then tried-out the American Tech start-up experience working to develop AdventureLink.  I quit that to travel the world for a few months, then came back to Aerospace Engineering, this time on the Space side in Madrid, working for LIDAX, leading teams of engineers working on instruments for missions of the European Space Agency.  We worked out a Internationalization plan and I left for France to lead sales there, until finally leaving and consulting freelance on the French Market for various aerospace firms worldwide.

Meanwhile I’ve been giving Ashtanga and Yin Yoga classes since getting my certification in 2009 — mostly because it helps me learn and keeps my personal practice entertained.  I also worked for DuVine Adventures and Travel Co. for two years, leading some of their tours in France, Spain and Ireland.

I’m currently 32, and leading Halcyon Tours.   I am reconciling my love for precision and things well done with my love for cycling, hiking, culture and travel.  I like to keep fit, I like to discover, I like to cook and eat well, I am curious and so happy to be alive.

Travel and lifewise I was lucky to be raised by Joel and Agnes Gallet, who’s thirst for new experiences and fearlessness brought me from a tiny village of the French Jura to the Big Apple at the tender age of 10, and in the better part of two continents throughout my teens.  I then went on to discover the american west and it’s savage wilderness, Asia’s peacefulness, foods and religions.  Lately I’ve come to fall back in love with Europe, where every square meter is layered with history and craftsmanship.

Cycling Wise I’ve crossed southern India, from Chennai(Madras) to Kalicut(Khozikode) , not in the straightest line!  I wandered up and down the southern ghats, where God’s Own Country, the local’s name for Kerala, truly started to make sense.  I’ve also cycled across Northern Italy, from Genoa to Arezzo, and all around Florence.  I can’t count the kms cycled in France, from Provence to the Rhone Valley, Languedoc, Pyrenees, Alps, Jura, Loire, Brittany, Burgundy… I’ve criss-crossed Ireland’s Connemara and Galway Province, rain or shine, and rain again.

Hiking has been a passion since moving to California for University.  I’ve hiked all the US’ Western Parks(8 years, 3 bear attacks and a mountain Lion!), in Spain, particularily the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa, Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Ronda, e Matarrana .  I’ve been around the Annapurnas of Nepal, as well as the french Alps.

I like to Ski, Paraglide, Hike and Bike.  I like silence, and great big cocktail parties.   I like to indulge moderatly in everything good, and most of all I like people.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Tour.


Stéphane Gallet
C.E.O. Halcyon Tours
Active Body, Peaceful Mind